ProMariner ProMar1 5/5/3 Battery Charger

Part Number

ProMariner ProMar1 5/5/3 Three Bank 12 / 24 Volt 13 Amp Output

The ProMariner ProMar1 5/5/3 (31413) Three Bank On-Board Battery Charger is perfect for many marine and recreation vehicle applications. Fully Automotive and multi-chemistry charging the ProMar1 is an industry leading battery charger and maintainer all-in-one.


  • Fully Automatic Multi-Stage Charging
    • Charges, Conditions and Maintains Batteries with a built-on sage maintenance mode.
  • Single Preset Charging Profile
    • Compatiable with Flooded or Gel Batteries
  • Expanded LED Status Center
    • At-a-glance AC Power, Charging and Ready / Maintain LED Indicators
  • Distributed-On-Demad Technology
    • Automatically charges and maintains your engine crank battery whiel distributing all remaining charging amps to your trolling motor batterie(s).
  • Built-In Quality and Safety
    • 100% Epoxy filled - Completely waterproof and shockrproof. Dual In-Line DC Safety Fuses, Reverse Polarity Protected, Ignition and Temperature Protection
  • Pre-Wired for Easy Installation

More Information
Part Number 31413-PM
Charger Application Marine / RV
Charger Mode Automatic
Charger Type On-Board
Amp Output 13 Amp
Charger Outputs 3 Bank
Amp Output Per Bank 5 / 5 / 3
Input Voltage 120 Volts
Output Voltage 12 Volt
CEC Compliant Yes
Warranty 2 Years
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