Intimidator 9A31P Battery

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Quick Overview

The 9A31P is a commercial grade Group Size 31 battery with SAE automotive posts . Dual purpose starting and deep cycle - ideal for commercial and industrial applications. Made in the USA.

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Intimidator 9A31P AGM Battery

The 9A31P is an advanced AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) battery built tough for rugged, cross-country, commercial, construction, industrial, farm, agricultural, truck and bus applications.


  • Made in USA
  • Spill / Leak Proof
  • 100% Maintenance Free
  • Severe Service Durability
  • Deep Discharge Resiliency
  • Vibration Resistance
  • Cycling Performance
  • SAE Automotive Posts

VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) Battery

Because the 9A31P is an AGM battery it requires special pressurized valves to work properly. The special relief valve system effectively controls critical internal gas pressure preventing gas seepage or air contamination - which can cause premature battery failure in inferior AGM batteries.

Additional Information
Brand East Penn / Deka
Battery Voltage 12 Volt
Cranking Amps 1060 CCA
Cold Cranking Amps 925 CA
Amp Hour Rate 100 Ah
Reserve Capacity Minutes 190 RC
BCI Group Size Group Size 31
Battery Type Commercial
Battery Chemsitry AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat)
Length 13"
Width 6-3/4"
Height 9-1/2"
Weight 65 Lbs
Warranty 12 Months

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