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do these work with the anderson plugs?
Is there a way to test the Solar 1.5 Amp Model No. 1002 battery maintainer to be sure it’s working?

Yes. You can use a voltage tester that is equipped with an 'Amp Meter.' The Amp Meter is a "clamp" that opens and closes around the charger leads. This can measure the amperage output from the charger. You can also measure the voltage output - this will...

Do you recycle batteries as well?

Yes, with some exceptions.

Hello, my question is about: Part Number 02321 18 Gauge Pink General Purpose Wire ... what is the length of the wire being sold? That information isn't obvious to me

This is for a 100' foot spool.

Do you deliver batteries?

Yes, depending on your location. We do offer local delivery if your near one of our locations. We can ship batteries VIA package service or common carrier.

Can I buy 10 - 5 neg and 5 pos.?

Yes, you sure can. There are no minimum or maximum purchase requirements.

Is the AUX14 battery a deep cycle battery?

The AUX14 is typically a starting battery for power sports applications but because if it's composition it is technically "dual purpose." It could be used in a low draw cycle application. An example of this would be to power a fish locator or LED lighting...

Is this a spiral or flat plate battery

The Intimidator 8A8D is a flat plate AGM battery.

Core charge

Purchasing this battery online, we currently do not charge a core charge. Because of state law, if you purchase this battery in store, there would be a core charge. This is to help prevent batteries from ending up in a landfill.

Is this a crimp style butt splice?

Yes, these are designed to be crimped with the proper wire crimping tool.


Technically yes, they can be, with safety in mind. Make sure the terminals are covered and protected from accidental shorts.

what are the dimensions of auxiliary battery for BMW I3 in cm or mm, what was shown in details i cannot understand 8-1/8'

The dimensions are in inches. Metric dimensions are L: 206.38mm x W: 90.49mm x H: 161.93mm

Is this battery made in the USA?

The PT14B-4 is an imported battery, not made in the USA. Unfortunately there aren't many USA battery manufacturers that offer a full line of power sports batteries.

Should it happen the battery has not been used for couple of years / battery drained down to 11.7 V What are the appropriate settings to recharge - hopefully bringing it back to life please reply

This is a tough question to answer. After a battery sits for an extended period of time the electrolyte will start to separate (sulfuric acid and water). When this happens the sulfuric will begin to deteriorate the plates of the battery; causing failure...

How long is the wire?

Our 2 gauge cable is sold by the foot. If you order 10 feet, you'll receive 1 piece of cable, 10 feet long.

What is the length width depth of the 3 bank charger

10.25" x 6.5" x 3"

the price is 0.49 per foot or wjat
I see this is designed for crimping. Can you solder this on also?

Yes, you certainly can solder these terminals. We recommend first adding solder flux (liquid or paste) inside of the barrel. Then, second, with the terminal secured (preferably in a vice) and melting solder approximately half way into the barrel. Allow...

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