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The Intimidator ETX30LA is an advanced factory activated AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) battery with superior vibration resistance, spill-proof / leak proof and has low self-discharge for long, off-season storage. Because the ETX30LA was engineered specifically to withstand engine vibration, off-road and on-water use it is the perfect battery for motorcycles, ATV's, UTV's, snowmobiles and personal watercraft.

Made in the USA - by purchasing the Deka Intimidator ETX30LA you are supporting American manufacturing.


  • Safety Relief Valve System
    • Ensures no acid leaking and extends battery performance
  • Molded Top and Side Connection Terminals
    • Provides easy installation, increased strength and durability
  • Fortified Posts, Straps and Welds (internal)
    • Aides in resisting vibration and maximizes current transfer
  • Heavy-Duty Power-Performance Plates
    • Optimizes the battery's power and energy capacity
  • Enhanced Electrolyte Suspension System
    • Electrolyte / Acid is completely absorbed for a completely spillproof design
  • Optimized Component Compression
    • Tightly packed plates and separators further aid in vibration resistance


  • Stainless Steel Terminal Bolts
  • Brass Spacers for Side Terminal Connections
  • Height Adapter
Additional Information
Brand East Penn / Deka
Battery Voltage 12 Volt
Cold Cranking Amps 400 CCA
Amp Hour Rate 26 Ah @ 10 Hour Rate
Battery Type Sealed Maintenance Free
Battery Chemsitry AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat)
Length 6-5/8"
Width 5-3/16"
Height 7-3/4"
Weight 21.7 Lbs
Warranty 12 Months

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